Supply of Medicines from Wellness Centres

  • Medicines prescribed by CGHS doctors/specialists, which are available in Wellness Center are supplied immediately.
  • For the branded medicines prescribed by the specialist, if the same composition (chemical salt), same strength with same therapeutic value is available in the Wellness Center in different brand name/generic name, the same will be supplied against the prescription.
  • Supply of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants prescribed by the specialist will be restricted to CGHS formulary medicines.
  • Products classified as Dietary Supplements/food items, cosmetics etc. are not admissible for supply by CGHS.
  • Medicines which are otherwise admissible and not available in the store of the Wellness Center will be indented from Authorized Local Chemist (ALC) and will be normally distributed on the next working day after receipt of the same from ALC. These indented medicines will have to be collected by the beneficiary maximum within 15 days of date of indent.
  • Medicines for chronic diseases may be issued for 3 months at a time by any CGHS Doctor against the valid prescription of a specialist.
  • If the beneficiary is planning to go abroad, medicines prescribed may be issued upto 6 months at a time with permission of Addl. Director for which an application with copy of valid prescription, CGHS Card and proof of travel has to be produced.
  • All the medicines including ALC supplied medicines will be issued throughout the duty hours of the Wellness center.
  • For collection of indented medicines registration in the Wellness Centre is not required



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