Permission for Investigation/Procedures

Permission issuing authority:-

  • For serving employees  of Govt. of India and both serving/pensioners of Autonomous bodies the permission is to be given by the concerned department.
  • For pensioners  of Government of India permission is to be given by CGHS authorities.
  • No permission is required for treatment at any Government Hospital.
  • Permission is not to be given if patient is already admitted in the hospital in emergency.

Permission for OPD treatment in empanelled hospitals

OPD treatment is not permitted in CGHS empanelled hospitals except in specified satellite cities of the NCR region. However permission can be given( by the department for serving employees/by CMO I/C for pensioners) for follow up treatment in  empanelled hospital for the conditions relating to Cardiac surgery, Kidney transplant, Hip/Knee joint replacement, Cancer, Neurosurgery and accident cases provided the earlier treatment was carried out in the same institution with prior permission. Follow up permission may be granted in the above conditions for 3 to 6 months at a time which may be extended if required. In all other conditions, follow up treatment in empanelled hospitals is not allowed. However, OPD medicines advised on discharge may be issued for a maximum period of one month.

Diagnostic  tests which are not listed in the CGHS rate list :- Such tests when advised by Govt. specialist will be forwarded to Additional Director of the CGHS  city(with quotation) by the Department in case of serving employees and to Additional Director of Zone/City by the CMO I/C in case of  pensioner beneficiary for issuing of permission.




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