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Office of the Additional Director,
Central Government Health Scheme

Minister of Health and family Welfare
IInd Floor, Sangam Place, Civil Lines
Allahabad - 211001
Phone and Fax
(0532) 2561310
Office Administrators
S.No Designation Name Phone (Off.) E_Mail
1 Additional Director Dr. S. K. Chawdhary CMO(SAG) 2560578, 2561310(Fax)
2 In-Charge (MSD) Dr. R. K. Srivasatva CMO(SAG) 2560578
3 CPIO Dr. V. K. Gupta Consultant (SAG) 2560065
4 Administrative Officer Sri Riyaz Ahamad Siddiqui  2561309
Wellness Centres
S.No Dispensary and Address Name of Officer Phone (Disp.) E-Mail
1 CGHS WC No. 01,
41 JLN Road, Tagore Twon, Allahabad
Dr. (Mrs) Shobhana Varma CMO(SAG) 0532-246 8188
2 CGHS WC No. 02,
4/6 Drummond Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
Dr. Ritu Agarwal CMO(NFSG) 0532-262 4435 
3 CGHS WC. No. 03,
1130/1130A Kalyani Devi, Allahabad
Dr. (Mrs) Uma Tondan CMO (NFSG) 0532-224 2530
4 CGHS WC No. 04,
38A, Beli Road, New Katra, Allahabad
Dr. P. K. Tiwari CMO (SAG) 0532-264 2457 
5 CGHS WC No. 05,
Phase II, Kendranchal Colony, Preetam Nagar, Allahabad
Dr. Gulab Chand CMO(SAG) 0532-223 2562 
6 CGHS WC No. 06,
46/38 Leader Road, Allahabad
Dr. U. K. Maitra CMO(SAG) 0532-2403 822
7 CGHS WC No. 07,
236/101-C /1 Chok Daud Nagar, Near Swadeshi Cotton Mill, Naini Allahabad
Dr. N. K. Sinha CMO(NFSG) 0532-269 7132
8 Homoeopathy Unit,
2nd Floor, Sangam place Civil Lines Allahabad
Dr.Pushpa Rai M.O. (Officiating I/C) 0532-256 0065
9 Ayurvedic Unit,
2ndFloor, Sangam place Civil Lines Allahabad
Dr Pushpa Rai (Ayur)  M.O. 0532-256 0065
10 Polyclinic Unit,
2ndFloor, Sangam place Civil Lines Allahabad
Dr V. K. Gupta Consultant (SAG) (Pathologist)  0532-256 0065
11 Radiology Unit,
2ndFloor, Sangam place Civil Lines Allahabad
Dr. Shabd Saran(SAG) MD(Radiologist) 0532-256 0065